With SUP Polo you experience fun and action on the water. Gather all your friends and compete against each other in small teams.

The trend sport Stand Up Paddling is mixed with water polo and is a lot of fun. The playing field consists of an inflatable board and two opposing goals floating on the lake. Two teams with mixed teams of 3 players (including a flying goalkeeper) compete against each other. The participants stand on the boards and use the special paddles at the same time as bats,navigation and landing nets for the ball.

6 to 48 people
per hour max. 12 people
Booking necessary in advance
from 180,00 € per hour
  • The aim is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal.
  • There are 3 players per team plus substitute players.
  • The playing time is 10 minutes per game.
  • At the beginning both teams stand with the SUPs at the baseline. so that the end of the boards touch the baseline. At the whistle, the referee throws the ball at the center line and the game begins.
  • The ball may only be played in the water or with the paddle/bat, not with the hands, feet or head.
  • The ball must not be transported on the board.
  • The ball may only be thrown with the paddle/bat when standing on the SUP. Not if you fell in the water.
  • The player with the ball may be rammed/attacked. However, only with the SUP, not with the paddle/bat. No intentional contact with another player.
  • There is no permanent goalkeeper. All players must always paddle and are not allowed to wait in front of the goal. Still, the goal may be defended by the last player.
  • Goals may only be scored in the opponent’s half.
  • After a goal, the team that scored the goal must return to their half. The opposing team then restarts the game.

The rental period is at least 60 minutes.
We recommend a maximum of 12 people per hour.

If you are a confident swimmer and you are not afraid of water, then you have met all the requirements to play SUP Polo.

  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Drinking bottle
  • Suncream
  • Head protection

180,00 € pro Stunde inkl. SUP + Paddle + Ball
Each additional hour €140

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* In the event of a thunderstorm or heavy storm, it is not possible to reserve the playing field for safety reasons.