Whether as an unforgettable family outing, an action-packed birthday party or a special kind of wedding celebration, a full cable rental from our wakeboard facilities promises a great group experience with a high fun factor.

Our professional water ski and wakeboard coaches have years of experience with advanced and beginners. They respond individually to your skills and give tips on how to quickly achieve learning success. The unique feeling of gliding over the water strengthens the self-confidence and increases motivation and ambition. The fun, good weather and fresh air make the trip a very special experience.

Full Size Cable rental

For your group event you can rent our Full Size Cable (large system) before the public services operate. This is a 600 meter long circular lift that can be used by up to 7 people at the same time. You glide over the water with up to 30 km/h and can try tricks and jumps on the various features with the wakeboard. Due to the hexagonal design, the curves are easy to navigate, so this facility is also very suitable for beginners and water skiers. Our coaches are at your side and will be happy to help if necessary.

Basic charfe 160 € 140 € per hour

You can find an overview of the prices here.

We recommend appropriate rental times for the following group sizes:
1 to 10 people = 1 hour full cable rental
11 to 15 people = 1.5 hour full cable rental
16 to 25 people = 2 hours full car rental
26 to 35 people = 3 hours full cable rental
36 to 50 people = 4 hours full cable rental
For a larger number of people, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

The fee-based rental material is not included in the price. Depending on the number of people and personal needs, there are costs for the rental material. You can find a price overview here.

Cable rental traning facility

As an alternative to the Full Size Cable (large facility), you can rent our training facility (System 2.0) exclusively. This is an approximately 100 meter long lane where a single person can wakeboard.
Since the speed can be individually adjusted, fast learning progress is guaranteed! In addition, the system can be stopped at any time and after a fall you can continue with a water start without much swimming.
The system offers perfect conditions especially for beginners and children. Our on-site coaches will instruct you in detail and will be happy to help you with tips and tricks.

Basic amount 50 € 110 € per hour

You can find an overview of the prices here.

We recommend a maximum of four people per hour. With a larger group, you should book more time or our Full Size Cable (large system). We recommend that beginners orient themselves to our beginner courses (4 participants in 1.5 hours).

The rental material is included in the price.