Questions about booking

With our booking system from WakeSys, you can register online before your visit, buy tickets or load money onto your prepaid account. This saves you time when registering or paying.

Of course you can also register and pay on site.

Payment by EC card is possible.

The ordering process for a voucher is as following:

1. You choose a voucher here.
2. You pay for the voucher directly online.
3. The voucher is automatically sent to the recipient.

And this is how the recipient can redeem the voucher:
1. He/she has to register online.
2. By entering the voucher code, the gifted value will be credited to their prepaid account.
3. When paying on site, the credit is deducted from the prepaid account.

Questions about wakeboarding

If you are a confident swimmer and you are not afraid of water, then you have met all the requirements to wakeboard at the WAKEPARK BROMBACHSEE.

We have no minimum age. However, based on our experiences, we recommend that children should not be younger than 9 years.

Have you never stood on a wakeboard and/or water skied? No problem! Just let our coaches know, they will be happy to help you with your first attempts. If you want to learn how to water ski and wakeboard properly, you can sign up for our beginner courses at the training facility (System 2.0) or the Full Size Cable (round lift)!

True to the motto “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, WAKEPARK BROMBACHSEE is open in all weathers (the only exception being thunderstorms and storms). To brave the rain and the cold, we have wetsuits for hire. You can find the prices here.

The more advanced the season, the warmer the water. However, for the frostbite among you, we have various wetsuits in all sizes on site.